About Us

Welcome to Reciprocity! Here’s an insight on the beginning of this amazing journey that started in early 2015. The creation of Reciprocity has definitely been a challenging and exciting experience, but most importantly, the road has been extremely rewarding. All my life I’ve been very appreciative and grateful for all the blessings I’ve been granted. At the same time, I’ve always felt God wanted more from me and I’ve always felt something within me, a powerful desire to make a difference, to create this adventure. This unexpected urge, however, does have a history.

I’ve always been a woman of faith. Since I can remember, God has always been a big part of my life. During my childhood years I only knew happiness. I was born in a loving, healthy, and stable family: mom, dad and two older sisters. I can still remember the day we were all excited about my mother being pregnant with their very first, and very desired, baby boy.

My mother being pregnant with a boy was such a blessing, everything was great. I remember being very excited waiting for my parents to come home from the hospital to meet my new little baby brother. When they came home, I could see an obvious and overwhelming sadness in both my parents’ eyes. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. They explained to my sisters and me, that unfortunately there had been very serious birth complications and that our little baby brother would live with a series of disabilities and special needs, but that as a family we will love him dearly and take care of him always and forever. As I’m typing this, I have tears in my eyes. I was six when I heard this devastating news. At the time, I don’t think I even fully comprehended the gravity of his condition, but now that I am 35 and a mother myself, I have so much more respect and admiration for my parents than ever before.
I believe that’s when God became the most important relationship we all had in my family. We had to believe that God had a plan and a greater purpose for us as a family. The happy life we all knew was shattered. From that day forward, we all carried a very heavy heart, a really deep wound. It is hard to explain, but it was simply an unbearable and indescribable pain. The whole scenario was difficult to understand and accept, but I believe we all did our best to cope with our new normal.

My baby brother Antonio, was my angel. He was truly a miracle of God. Doctors gave him months to live due to the gravity of his condition. He had severe brain damage, extremely limited motor skills, and no ability to feed himself. I believe the last one was the toughest to watch because he never got to experience the very basic pleasure of tasting food. He had to be fed through a feeding tube inserted in his little tummy. From a life expectancy of a few months, he went on to live for almost 19 years. During his final days, doctors couldn’t explain how it was that he got to live that many years, but then again, they met his family.

We all loved him so much. He was truly the light and soul of our household and our driving force. I’m certain that he knew how much we all loved him and needed him. He felt adored every single day by all of us, and that is why I believe he fought like a warrior til the very end, to stay with us as long as his body could endure.
Today, I’ve learned to live without his body presence, however, he’s always with me, within me. Every time I feel tired or overwhelmed by life in general, I think of him. He was truly a warrior, and he held on to this life for as long as he could because he knew it was beautiful. He only knew LOVE, and that, my friends, is all we truly need, it’s all this world craves and strives for every day.

After his passing, my faith was challenged again; it was a terrible loss, an unbearable pain.. I remember hitting rock bottom to the point of losing my mental health. It was bad, I was very ill mentally and physically. This is when my relationship with God had to become something greater, something stronger and unbreakable. I had to hold on and believe that he would help me get through it. I remember praying a lot, even in pain and in tears I would pray and begged God for help. I know God heard me, He relieved my pain. I believe he was moved by the strength of my faith, and even though it was not an overnight recovery, today I am 100% restored and stronger than ever.

Today I see life as a gift. My baby brother left a legacy of strength within me, I cannot fail him. He taught me how to embrace our circumstances and always keep moving forward, his life inspires me everyday to believe more and complain less, to love more and regret less. He was and continues to be my inspiration. Since him, my faith has been my driving force and today I know that an unbreakable faith can get you through anything, having God in your life can get you through anything. The key is to keep nourishing your faith, it’s an everyday job. My faith is tested very often, but I say this with confidence: God is right by my side the whole time, it’s a team effort. He has never failed me and I trust He never will.

I strongly believe God wanted me to share with the world what I’ve learned and know today about the power of faith and prayer. That’s why he planted this dream within me, to spread words of hope, faith and strength.

This is the essence of Reciprocity, project positive affirmations and begin transformation. God listens, and the universe reacts to our energy. What you project/give into the Universe, you shall attract and receive, a reciprocal exchange.

I hope you enjoy all of my pieces, and be assured that each and every one of them was created with love and an incredible passion for empowering your spirit.

With much love and gratitude,
– Aide Lizbeth

Project * Attract * Transform